Not Your Average Castle

Burg Thurant If you’ve never heard of Burg Thurant, I won’t be surprised.  I’d never heard of it myself, nor had my husband for that matter, until we happened to drive past it on our way to Burg Ehrenburg.  In fact, it seems this type of chance encounter is how most people discover the castle. … Read More Not Your Average Castle


Eifel Events – May 2017

Please keep in mind this is in no way a complete list of events.  It’s also more focused on the South Eifel. Festivals Kirmes (Speicher, May 6-8) Details:  Fun-fair rides, music, and food. Where can I find more information?:  There’s not really any information online.  Look for posters up around town for operating times. Eupen Music… Read More Eifel Events – May 2017

Expat Corner

Let’s Talk Sausage

Back in Texas, about the only time you would catch me eating sausage was when I would float the Guadalupe River in late summer.  We’d drive down to New Braunfels, stop off at the last Wal-Mart before the turn-off, and load up on Bud Light Lime (don’t judge me) and summer sausage.  The first time… Read More Let’s Talk Sausage

Expat Corner

Where the Brave People Go

The internet is littered with horror stories about Americans trying the German saunas for the first time.  They’re overwhelmed.  They’re uncomfortable.  They’re totally lost.  And while we tend to focus on the fact that those first-time experiences were negative – albeit highly entertainingly negative – what gets lost is the fact that many Americans are… Read More Where the Brave People Go

Expat Corner

Five Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Make Any (Eifel) German Smile

Buying Christmas gifts for your family and friends can be difficult enough, but what about when it comes to people you don’t know quite as well – who also come from a different culture?  What if it’s your German landlord – your German neighbor – your child’s German teacher at school?  Sometimes it can be… Read More Five Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Make Any (Eifel) German Smile