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For a Low-Key Day on the Mosel River

The Mosel area is undoubtedly one of the prettiest areas in Germany.  Fairytale castles, postcard worthy villages, vineyards as far as the eye can see…it’s beautiful.  But, with that beauty often comes stress.  One of my favorite spots on the Mosel is Cochem.  Unfortunately, it’s also a million other people’s favorite spot.  Going there stresses me out.  There’s nowhere to park, the restaurants are full, the streets are crowded.  I mean, it’s a must-see for anyone visiting the Eifel or Mosel region for the first time.  Absolutely.  But, for me at least, it’s one of those places that I keep for special occasions or international visitors.  Piesport on the other hand…

What makes Piesport such a nice place to visit is that you get all of the charm of the Mosel without the crowds.  Why are there no crowds?  Well, unlike Cochem, you don’t have a castle or other major tourist attraction, but that doesn’t mean you should skip it.

How to spend the day in Piesport, Germany

While there are things to do in Piesport – which I’ll get to – the landscape itself is gorgeous.  I mean, that alone is worth visiting for!  We came into the village via Landstraße 50.  Oh man.  If you go to Piesport, make sure you drive in from this road.  We zig-zagged all the way down – through the hills, criss-crossing the vineyards – with the most breathtaking view of the town and the river.

Piesport landscape with the river and church

Sun shining over the Moselle River

The village sits right on the Mosel, but the way the river curves, it’s almost like the village is surrounded by the river.  There is a lovely path that leads you around most of Piesport, and it’s right on the water.  We were last there on a very warm and sunny day, and there were people out on the water in jet skis and speed boats.  This part of the Mosel is interesting because the land changes.  There are vineyards, but also really rocky areas.  The water is very calm here – at least on the surface.

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Pathways along the Moselle River in Piesport GermanyPath 2Pathway under the bridge along the Moselle RiverThe Moselle River and vineyardsThe Moselle River and vineyardsInteresting rock formations along the Moselle RiverThe Moselle River

As you can see, there is virtually no one on the paths with us.  There were people walking and riding bicycles, but, even for a hot summer day, there were no crowds anywhere.

As it is the Mosel, there are wineries.  Everywhere.  I think every second building was a winery!  There are also several really nice restaurants, hotels, and B&Bs.

Winery in Piesport GermanyWinery in Piesport GermanyRestaurant Patio at a winery in Piesport Germany

Restaurant Moselstube in Piesport GermanyHotel in Piesport GermanyRestaurant in Piesport Germany

The village is not very big, but it has a whole lot of history – especially pertaining to the Romans.  If you want to take a self-guided walking tour, you can download their Culture Route map here and the corresponding descriptions/stories here.  We did this on our last visit, and it was really easy to follow.  There are also placards at the various locations so that you know you’re in the right place.

Roman Travel Post in Piesport Germany

For example, this pole is a replica of a Roman mile-marker (the original is in a museum) that is part of the Culture Route.  On the description/story list, it explains how these were used, when the original was erected, etc.  It also translates the inscription, “Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antonius, the pious, happy and exalted One, the mighty victor of Parthia and Britannia, pontifex, plebeian tribune for the 2nd time, consulate for the 3rd time, brave and great prince, pacifier of the globe, rebuilt the bridges and roads that had been destroyed by age, 18 leagues to Trier.”

The Culture Route also includes relgious sites, as well as buildings with ties to local legends.

Old Church in Piesport GermanyChurch Statue in Piesport GermanyBuilding from Walking Tour in Piesport Germany

It’s also a very peaceful area, complete with swans.

Swan in a vineyard in Piesport Germany

Steeple of the church in Piesport GermanyChurch in Piesport Germany

And picturesque streets to wander through.

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Buildings and cityscape in Piesport GermanyBuilding and Vineyard in Piesport GermanyPretty House and B&B in Piesport GermanyTerrace and Flowers in Piesport GermanyStucco House in Piesport GermanyVineyard in Piesport GermanyBrick Building in Piesport GermanyBuilding with Vines in Piesport Germany

There is even a really cool playground in the center of town.  It has a kid-sized zipline that you can just make out in the back, and just outside of the frame was a fountain that local children were playing in.

Playground in Piesport Germany

The village also has various wine fests and markets throughout the year.  So, if you’re planning to make a visit, especially in the fall, check their website here to see if you can also catch an event.


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