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Five Restaurants in Bitburg You Should be Eating at

Hello.  My name is Eifel Mausi, and I’m a foodie.

Not really.  But my husband is.

And the nice thing thing about that – combined with the fact that he grew up in this area – is that he’s always got the inside scoop on the best restaurants.  Don’t get me wrong; we still venture out and try new places all the time, but the places that turn out to be really good are usually the ones he heard about through the German grapevine.

What I’ve noticed, though, is that all too often these restaurants either don’t show up on Trip Advisor at all or get ranked low on the list for whatever reason.  And that’s a bit misleading, especially for expats looking for good places to eat but lacking knowledge about the area.

So, here is a list of five places in Bitburg that you need to try.  And just to help you understand how we came up with this list, here are the criteria we used:

  • The restaurant has to have nice ambience.  That means it’s clean, inviting, and decorated nicely.  It also means that thought and effort was put into the presentation of the food.
  • The food has to be good.  That means it’s not just “okay.”  And it also means they have a variety of good food.  It’s not just one dish worth getting but several.
  • The service has to be friendly and considerate.  German restaurants are definitely different from American restaurants when it comes to service, so none of these restaurants will be like they are in the States.  That being said, the restaurants on the list all have waiters/waitresses who really take care of the table.  That means you don’t have to hunt or flag them down, and they check on the table periodically.
  • The price has to match the quality.  Some of the restaurants are pretty inexpensive, others are not.  But if they’re pricey, the food has to be worth it (quality ingredients, cooked to perfection, etc.)

Here we go!

Top places to eat in Bitburg


zum Simonbräu

Photo Credit:

Of all of the places on the list, this one is my favorite.  It’s a beautiful restaurant, and the food is absolutely amazing.  The menu selection isn’t as large as some other restaurants, but they have a very nice balance of options.  And what’s especially nice about this restaurant is that it also serves a number of dishes that are made from local Eifel ingredients and meats.

Version 2
Sebelin’s Braumeister Schnitzel

This is my favorite thing they serve.  It’s a pork schnitzel topped with crispy onions, bacon, a sunny side-up egg, and a tasty sauce that is just enough to add flavor but without drowning the breading.  Underneath the schnitzel is a piece of rye bread.  Oh, dear Heavens!  I used to think, “bleh…sunny side-up eggs on meat!”  But my husband pushed me and pushed me and pushed me to give it a try, and when I finally did, it was every bit as amazing as he said it would be.  This is such a wonderful combination that you just have to try it to believe it.  The salad, which has a yogurt dressing, is also delicious.

But so far, everything we’ve eaten there has been equally scrumptious.

Version 2Version 2Version 2

They also have an awesome buffet on Sundays, including salad, breads, and desserts that are also offered alongside the main dishes.  Like I said, it’s pretty impressive.

And the decor of the restaurant is very warm.  It’s classy, spacious, and I love all of the old photos they have on the walls.

zum simonbräu restaurant bitburg

You can usually get a table without a reservation, but you might want to make a reservation just to be safe if you plan on going during peak times as they can fill up fast.  There are also usually large groups from the Bitburger Brewery that come over there for lunch, especially on the weekends, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to call ahead.

Address: Am Markt 7

Click here to see their Facebook Page

Bitburger Bierhaus

Photo Credit: Bitburger Bierhaus Facebook

Of all the places on the list, this one is my husband’s favorite.

Like the name implies, this restaurant is all about the beer.  If you’ve been to Prüm or Bad Münstereifel, you may have already experienced the Bitburger Bierhaus as there are locations there as well.  The location in Bitburg just opened in 2015, and you can find it am Spittel.

Version 2


Version 2

Version 2

My husband and I both love that we can get Köstritzer beer here, too.  It’s not always that easy to find.  If you’ve never tried it, you really should.  I like the light Köstritzer, but my husband swears the Pale Ale Köstritzer is the best.

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So, again, the menu isn’t huge, but there is a really nice balance of options.  It’s not just currywurst and schnitzel (although they certainly have those).  They have an awesome Bierhaus Burger – plus vegetarian dishes, soups, breads, and desserts.  There are several different options for the meats as well, meaning various beef dishes, various pork dishes, etc.

The ambience of the restaurant is also really nice.

Photo Credit: Bitburger Bierhaus Facebook
Photo Credit: Bitburger Bierhaus Facebook

Why, yes, that is a beer tap in the middle of the table!

For this restaurant, I would say you don’t need a reservation.  The only time we ever had trouble getting a table was on a very hot day this past summer.  All of the tables outside were full, but we were still able to get a table inside.

Address: Am Spittel 1

Click here to see their Facebook Page

Casa Luiz

Photo Credit: Casa Luiz Facebook

Casa Luiz (sometimes just called Casa L) is a Spanish restaurant that specializes in Tapas.  It’s a little bit hidden from view, but it’s just off the Füßgängerzone – back behind the statues of the children dressed like goats.  It’s a pretty tiny location.  There are only a handful of tables inside, and, as you can see in the picture above, not a ton of tables outside on sunny days, either.  And it may not look like much from the outside, but wait until you see the inside…

Photo Credit: Casa Luiz Facebook

This is one of the coolest looking restaurants I’ve ever seen here in Germany.  On the one side of the wall, you have these plush chairs and couch/bench combinations, and then back off to the left (behind the bar), you have small, two-person tables.  And over in front of the bar, just out of the view of the camera, are maybe three or four more tables.

You also can see just a glimpse of the smoking room in the back.  I’ve only ever seen a handful of people back there, but the room itself is really impressive.  There was a lot of attention put into the details when they decorated this place.

Photo Credit: Casa Luiz Facebook
Photo Credit: Casa Luiz Facebook

Version 2

It’s usually a bit darker in the restaurant than in the Facebook pictures.  It’s more like the picture just above.  And every so often, the lights on the bar will change colors.

In the evenings, especially on the weekends, it’s more like a club, and the smoking room turns into a little dancefloor.

And while the ambience is off the charts, so is the food.

Version 2

Every time we go, we try different combinations.  But I have to say, for us, the best ones are the Patatas Bravas, Palitos de Mozarella, and the Chorizo a la Planche.  Don’t be fooled by the size, though.  These things will fill you up.  We usually order three Tapas each (as our dinner) and end up bringing leftovers home.  This place is especially nice for me because it fulfills my Tex-Mex cravings.  No, this is nothing like Tex-Mex.  But I haven’t found any Mexican restaurants that I like.  In fact, I’ve given up on looking, to be honest.  But somehow the Tapas here quell that craving.

So, obviously, we really love the Tapas, but they have more than just that.

They also make some of the best mixed drinks in town.

Photo Credit: Casa Luiz Facebook

They even have a drink called Der Eifel.  I mean, how fun is that?!

This place, depending on the day and time, needs a reservation.  If you plan on going for an early dinner on a day that’s not especially warm, you’re probably okay.  But if you want to go on a warm summer day, or you plan to go later in the evening (especially on the weekend), you might need to make a reservation just to be safe.

Address: Petersstraße 3

Click here to see their Facebook Page

Simi’s Cafe and Snackbar


There is more than one Simi’s in Bitburg, but the other ones are more like bars.  So, for this list, I am only talking about the cafe.

Compared to the first three restaurants on this list, Simi’s is much lighter and way more casual.  It’s really better for lunch than dinner, but their food is amazingly fresh and tasty.


This is the best thing on the menu in my opinion.  It’s a chicken wrap with vegetables and a tangy sauce.  It’s not even anything special, but it tastes so freaking good.  We’re talking Chipotle kind of good here.  And, just to stress it again, everything tastes really, really fresh.

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I think my husband would also pick the wrap as his favorite thing there, but he also really likes the Flammkuchen.

Of all of the restaurants on this list, I think Simi’s has the broadest range of menu items.  In addition to the wraps and Flammkuchen, they also have pizzas, salads, sandwiches, gyros, soups, and desserts.  Plus, they have daily specials that are always different, so there’s really something for everyone here.

This location also has a quirky, kind of funky vibe.  Like I said, the other location is more like a bar, but this one is just sort of laid-back and cool.

Photo Credit:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my recent pictures of Simi’s, which is why I pulled one of their Facebook pictures, but they now have these plush green carpets laid throughout the cafe, and there are bright green curtains framing the side entrance.

This is the only recent picture I could find of the interior.


It’s not the best picture, I know.  But what’s important to note is the view.  This whole front wall of the cafe is a window, and you can watch all of the people walking by outside.  The cafe is on Trierer Straße, so that’s a pretty busy street.  The window provides a really nice light in the cafe, and on warm days, they open it up completely so as to connect the inside with the outdoor seating area.

You can also see some of the desserts I mentioned in the upper right hand side of the picture.

You absolutely do not need a reservation for Simi’s.  We’ve never had an issue getting a table.

Address: Trierer Straße 18

Click here to see their Facebook Page

Sweet Little Bites Cake Co.

Photo Credit: Sweet Little Bites Cake Co. Facebook

Okay, so, technically this isn’t a restaurant.  But I think it is definitely worth mentioning because it really is a hidden gem.

And when I say hidden, I mean hidden.  As in, if you don’t know where this place is, you will probably never stumble upon it.  It’s in the Füßgängerzone, just around the corner from the Spittel, but it’s just not very visible unless you walk down the little street that leads to the nearby parking lot.

This place is wonderful.  It’s almost like Starbucks with a shabby chic twist (if that makes any sense).

The owners are business partners – one of whom is German and one of whom is American.  They seem to specialize in cupcakes and coffee, which is every bit as amazing as it sounds.

sweet little bites bitburg best places to eat

Whenever you order a cupcake, they bring it to you in these little glass display cases, which I think is so cute.  And they have so many different kinds of cupcakes, breads, and cookies.  I think the taste is also much more suited to the American palate than the German one because it is the American partner who bakes.  So, the pastries are much more like what you would find in the States.

sweet little bites bitburg best places to eat

They also have different kinds of coffee – some even flavored.

This place has such a unique flair to it.  They’ve decorated with a lot of wood, so there are multi-colored wooden panels on the walls, and a lovely gray wooden floor.  The benches are wooden as well, with pillows spread out along the wall.  And above the wood paneling on the walls are black and white photographs of old movie stars.

sweet little bites bitburg best places to eat

And to top it off, they have a great playlist of music.  Every time my husband and I are in there, we always feel compelled to tell them how nice the music is.  One of the co-owners told us once that they’re just playlists she put together.  It’s a nice mix of music.  If you’ve ever listened to She & Him, it has that type of vibe to it.

I think they’re scaling back a little bit because they’re only open three days a week now.  They also make cakes (as the name implies) for weddings, birthdays, etc., and so I think they might be focusing a bit more on that.  But you should definitely drop by here on the weekend.  It’s absolutely worth your time to check it out.

Address: Poststraße 3

Click here to see their Facebook Page

Do you have a favorite on the list or feel like I’ve left something off?  Let me know in the comments!


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