5 of the Best Restaurants in Trier
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My All-Time Favorite Restaurants in Trier

Not too long ago, I had a couple of requests on Facebook to share a post with my favorite restaurants in Trier. It’s funny because I worry from time to time that maybe I write too much about food and that no one is interested in restaurants. But if y’all want me to write more, I can do that!!

And just as a quick plug while you’re here, I wrote about some must-try restaurants in Bitburg a while back, which you can read here. Although, disclaimer, the last place I wrote about in that post (Sweet Little Bites) is no longer open.

I will list my favorite Trier restaurants from most likely to be known by y’all to (hopefully) places you’ve never heard of that you’ll now want to try.

5 of the Best Restaurants in Trier


Kartoffel Restaurant Kiste

Of all the places on this list, I think this restaurant is one that most (if not all) of you will know. But, just in case you don’t, Kartoffel Kiste (as people usually refer to it) serves a range of dishes – all with one thing in common: potatoes. The name of the restaurant itself translates to Potato Box (but not just any box, more like this). I’ve never been disappointed by the food here, and we’ve never not been able to get a table without a reservation. The staff is always friendly and more attentive than the stereotype about restaurants in Europe normally suggests.

The menu has a lot to choose from – who knew you could do so much with potatoes?! So, even though it’s all potato-centered, it never gets old. My husband likes that they serve certain side dishes that are unique to Trier, such as Kappes Teerdisch (kind of a mixture of Sauerkraut and potatoes).

The restaurant itself is very cozy, except for the back room. I don’t like sitting back there; it’s too impersonal. The front room is my favorite place to sit, especially when we can get a table by the windows.

My Go-To Dish: Kartoffelauflauf mit Spinat (Potato Casserole with Spinach)

My German Husband’s Go-To Dish: Trierer Dreierlei (Pork and Liver)

Know Before You Go: The restaurant is located in the Füßgängerzone in the city’s center, so you’ll have to park in one of the parking garages and walk to it. You can get by without a reservation. They are open every day of the week and do not close between lunch and dinner. Their address is Fahrstraße 13-14, and this is their menu.

Bitburger Wirtshaus

One of the very first places my husband ever took me to was the Bitburger Wirtshaus. I was visiting Germany with a couple of friends, and we all went out for dinner and drinks together. Of course, my husband wasn’t my husband at the time – he wasn’t even my boyfriend! This was the trip when my husband and I first reconnected after 20 years. As you might have guessed from the name, it is associated with the Bitburger Beer Brewery, and that is the main beer they serve (although, they make killer cocktails as well).

Although we just drank a lot of beer on that first visit, we have been back there several times to eat. When it comes to food, they serve a pretty decent variety of dishes – mostly typical German food – , but when we go there to eat, it’s for the breakfast.

The restaurant has a really nice front room that is like a pub, and then in the back, there are two larger halls, as well as more outdoor seating. We like to eat in the very back room because it’s cozier than the halls, quieter than the pub area, and the walls are covered in old black and white photographs of the area.

My Go-To Dish: Sunday Breakfast Buffet

My German Husband’s Go-To Dish: Sunday Breakfast Buffet

Know Before You Go: The restaurant is located in the Füßgängerzone in the city’s center, so you’ll have to park in one of the parking garages and walk to it. We never make reservations ahead of time, and we’ve always been able to get a table – though it might not always be in the part of the restaurant we’d like to sit in. They are open every day of the week, and I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think they close between lunch and dinner. Breakfast goes until 12:30 on Sundays. Their address is Kornmarkt 1-3, and this is their menu.

Mai Wok

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me endlessly obsess about this place’s food just about every other weekend. In fact, I think this is my husband’s favorite restaurant in Trier – period. It’s not as fancy as Kartoffel Kiste, and it’s definitely smaller, but their food is some of the best Asian food I’ve ever eaten.

Now, I have to jump in here before anybody gets confused and point out that there is also a place called Mai Wok in the mall (Trier Galerie), but they are not related to each other. That place is not super great. The Mai Wok I’m talking about is NOT in any way connected to the one in the food court.

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When you first come in to Mai Wok, you might think it’s super tiny, but what a lot of people don’t know is that there is a room upstairs. So, if you want to have a more sit-down-restaurant kind of experience, you can head up to that room. It’s beautifully decorated, and if you sit by the window, you can people-watch.

I honestly have no complaints about this place at all. Sitting outside is wonderful when the weather is nice, sitting in the front room where they prepare the food is cozy, and the upstairs area is gorgeous. Their food is consistently wonderful, and their staff is awesome.

My Go-To Dish: Crispy Curry Chicken (with coconut milk)

My German Husband’s Go-To Dish: Regular Curry Chicken (with coconut milk)

Know Before You Go: The restaurant is located in the Füßgängerzone, very close to the Porta Nigra, so you’ll have to park in one of the parking garages and walk to it. You absolutely do not need a reservation. They are open every day of the week, but they close kind of early (9pm, and 8pm on Sundays). Their address is Simeonstraße 21. Unfortunately, they don’t really have an online presence, so no menu to link.


Because L’Osteria is a chain, there might be some readers who are familiar with this restaurant. My husband and I had never come across this restaurant before, and the only reason we found the one in Trier is because there was a pub crawl a couple of years back, and L’Osteria was one of the stops. If we hadn’t been following a map of the spots, we never would have found this place – not even by accident. It is totally hidden.

As you might guess by the name, it’s Italian. We’ve eaten several dishes there, but I have to say, their pizzas are definitely their speciality. Everything else we’ve tried there was just okay. But, the pizzas are totally worth it. They are MASSIVE. They have a diameter of 17 inches. To put that in perspective, that’s 4 inches bigger than a large pizza from Dominoes.

The first time we ate there, we had my mom with us, and we didn’t know how big they would be, so each of us ordered our own pizza. Big mistake! Our waiter put these large papers in front of us, and we started to get nervous. Then we saw a few pizzas coming out of the kitchen, and we realized we were in serious trouble! But the pizzas were flippin’ amazing. Our waiter was Italian, and when I asked him if Italians put Parmesan cheese on their pizzas (because Germans don’t), he said, “If you do this in Italy, somebody ‘gonna cut your hand off.” He was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I don’t remember his name, but anytime we are there and we see that he’s working, we ask to be seated in his area.

My Go-To Dish: Salsiccia Piccante (Spicy Pepperoni Pizza)

My German Husband’s Go-To Dish: BBQ Chicken (Pizza)

Know Before You Go: The restaurant is located in the Füßgängerzone in the city’s center, and it’s very hidden. Close to the store called Butler’s, there is a gate that opens to a courtyard. It looks private, but it’s not. Go through the gate, and you’ll see the restaurant at the far end. If you plan on going on a Friday or Saturday night, you might want to make a reservation. We’ve gotten lucky a couple of times, but we’ve also been turned away. This place can get really busy. They are open every day of the week, and they don’t close between lunch and dinner. Their address is Fleischstraße 56, and this is their menu.

Blesius Garten

This may be one of our favorites, but it’s also a local favorite. What makes this place really unique is that it’s actually three restaurants in one – but they are not all created equal. I think a lot of people who go there, who aren’t familiar with it, don’t realize that even though it looks like one business, each room is a different restaurant with a different menu. If you read some of the reviews on sites like TripAdvisor, people who didn’t like their food never mention which room/restaurant they were in. They just apply their review to Blesius Garten in general.

To be honest, I don’t like the food they serve in the fanciest looking room, called Tonkas, and neither does my husband. The beer garden is okay – it’s a little hit or miss. Where you want to go is the Braustube. This area is decorated with a lot of warm colors and copper. They actually have three rooms that belong to this restaurant. One of them has a bar in it, and it’s got a sportsbar vibe to it. Another one looks kind of country – think wood and checkered tapestries. The other room is something in between with a lot of murals of medieval times. That’s the room that we like the best.

Now, the food is amazing and consistent, but what also makes this a favorite of ours is the beer. They have their own brewery there called Kraft Bräu. You can only buy this beer in the Trier area – nowhere else. So, if you like beer and you’re interested in trying regional beer, this is definitely one you need to check out. I am not a big fan of beer; I much prefer super sweet white wine. But I really like this beer. I like it so much that I always order one to drink with my meal when we’re there. That is super unlike me, but it goes to show you how good their beer is.

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My Go-To Dish: Gutshofsalat (Dinner Salad with Marinated Chicken) – when it’s in season. Brauhaus Burger – when the Gutshofsalat is not in season.

My German Husband’s Go-To Dish: Drunken Pale Ale Chicken

Know Before You Go: The restaurant is located away from the city’s center, closer to the University of Trier. They have their own parking lot, but you might have to find somewhere to park on the street if they’re super busy. It is more of a residential area. As far as needing a reservation goes, it is hit or miss. If you’re going on a Friday or Saturday night, it might not be a bad idea to make a reservation just to be safe (make sure to tell them that you want to eat in the Braustube). They are open every day of the week, but they don’t serve food between 2pm and 6pm except for on Sundays. Their address is Olewiger Straße 135, and this is their menu.

Honorable Mentions

There are two more restaurants that I would like to add to this list, but as we have only eaten at each place a couple of times, I don’t yet know how consistent they are. So, they aren’t quite favorite restaurants yet, but they are in the running.

Taj Mahal

We’ve been to this place twice now. Both times, we have been super pleased with the food and the service. We are – or at least I am – not really connoisseurs of indian food, though, so I don’t know how good their food is compared to other indian restaurants. I’ll admit, I had to Google quite a bit the first time we were there, and I kept asking the waiter, “Was ist das?” (What is that?).

Since we’ve only been there twice, we haven’t tried too many of their dishes, but it is somewhere that we absolutely plan to continue going to.

If you want to give them a try, their address is Neustraße 56 (also in the city’s center but away from the main part), and this is their menu.

Monte Petris

My husband has eaten here hundreds of times, but I’ve only eaten there twice. Both times, the food was wonderful, especially the veggie burger. I really like the vibe in this restaurant. For starters, it’s in Petrisberg, which is an area of Trier that is far removed from the tourist hot-spots, and kind of upscale. It’s also on a hill that overlooks the whole city.

The restaurant has an outdoor area where you can sit and eat, and it does have a very nice view of the countryside. Inside, the motif is jazz-like, with a lot of funky lighting. Both times I’ve eaten there it was too hot to sit inside, but it looks so fun that I really want to go back at some point when it gets a little cooler and sit in the actual restaurant.

If you want to give them a try, their address is Max-Planck-Straße 6, and this is their menu.


And Just For Fun, One Restaurant I Don’t Like

Coyote Cafe

I tried this place on three separate occasions. I really wanted to like their food – but I just don’t. The restaurant itself looks really nice and inviting. I didn’t have any qualms with the service. The food, though, is terrible – for a Texan. The thing is, this restaurant describes itself as American style, but a lot of what they serve is (supposed to be) Mexican food. I know, I know, this is Germany, and of course it’s not going to be authentic. It is Mexican food made for the German palate.

But it’s more than that. The food just isn’t prepared with the same care. The nachos are basically chips with shredded cheese that were popped in the microwave. Everything has kidney beans in it, and the salsa is more like a sweet ketchup. What makes it even worse is that a lot of the reviews online from people who like the food (mostly British people) refer to it as TexMex.

Trust me – I’m a Texan, and there is nothing TexMex about this food. I tried hard to find something there that I iked, but there just isn’t anything.

If you want to try it for yourself, their address is Nikolaus-Koch-Platz 5 (in the city’s center, right next to underground parking garage’s exit), and this is their menu.

Where are your favorite places to eat in Trier?

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