• An Eifel Bucket List or 10 Things to do Around Spangdahlem
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    The Ultimate Eifel Bucket List

    For the past year, I’ve been teaching at a university here in Germany. It has been amazing in so many ways, and it’s been really interesting to experience all of the differences between German and American higher education – seriously, you have no idea how different they are! But, what I’ve always enjoyed the most about teaching is getting to know the students. I recently had a rather *cough* enlightening conversation with a student who is originally from Berlin. We talked about cultural differences, struggles with learning the two languages, and how both of us ended up so far from home, and then this student asked me what part of Germany I…

  • Things to Do in Vianden Luxembourg
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    What to Do in Vianden, Luxembourg

    Everything to See & Do in Vianden Although the picturesque village of Vianden is one of the main tourist attractions in the country, Luxembourg itself is often overlooked by travelers. And that makes Vianden a special place. It’s a tourist attraction that’s also a hidden gem. It’s hands-down one of the prettiest villages in Luxembourg. It has everything – cobblestone streets, ornate houses, a fairytale castle, and a direct connection to one of the most famous authors in history. If you have the chance to spend time in Vianden but choose to skip it, you’re really missing out! How to Get to Vianden To get to Vianden, you basically have…

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    Burg Thurant

    Not Your Average Castle If you’ve never heard of Burg Thurant, I won’t be surprised.  I’d never heard of it myself, nor had my husband for that matter, until we happened to drive past it on our way to Burg Ehrenburg.  In fact, it seems this type of chance encounter is how most people discover the castle.  A quick look through TripAdvisor results in comment after comment of “stumbled upon this gem by accident.”   How to Get to Burg Thurant As you can see on the map, it’s just a short drive south of Koblenz.  And it’s situated right on the line between the Mosel and Hunsrück regions. Regardless…

  • Mystery Dinner Theater Burg Ehrenburg
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    Burg Ehrenburg

    Medieval Murder Mystery Dinner There are over 20,000 castles in Germany.  20,000.  When most people think of castles, their minds go straight to the big ones, most of which are in Bavaria.  But with 20,000 castles, that means there is so much more to explore than just southern Germany.  In the Eifel alone, there are over 100 castles.  And just next door, along the Mosel, there are over a dozen more.  The nice thing about living where we do is that we are just a short drive from all of them.  And that means we can drive to them on a whim. Which is exactly what we did a few weeks…

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    Burg Sooneck and the Märchenhain

    Castles and Fairytales of Niederheimbach It’s not often that we make it out to the Rhein area because it can be a bit of a drive from the Eifel.  However, we decided to drive to Niederheimbach to see Burg Sooneck and the Märchenhain because I’d read a lot about both of them and just had to see it all in person. Let me tell you – I was not disappointed.   Burg Sooneck Burg Sooneck (pronounced zoe-neck) dates back to the late 1200s.  It sits on top of a hill, just above the village of Niederheimbach, overlooking the Rhein River. Once you get to the top of the drive, there…

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    Schloss Bürresheim

    The Prettiest Castle You’ve Never Heard Of If you love visiting German castles, chances are you’ve probably already been to most of the big name places like Cochem, Burg Eltz, or even Neuschwanstein down in Bavaria.  While these are, without question, beautiful places, there are some lesser known castles that, in a lot of ways, are just as impressive. One such castle is Schloss Bürresheim – and, I have to say, this is one of my favorite castles.  It’s in the northern part of the Eifel, just outside of Mayen.  To put it into perspective… You’ll most likely have to drive through Mayen to get to Schloss Bürresheim, which is…