• An Eifel Bucket List or 10 Things to do Around Spangdahlem
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    The Ultimate Eifel Bucket List

    For the past year, I’ve been teaching at a university here in Germany. It has been amazing in so many ways, and it’s been really interesting to experience all of the differences between German and American higher education – seriously, you have no idea how different they are! But, what I’ve always enjoyed the most about teaching is getting to know the students. I recently had a rather *cough* enlightening conversation with a student who is originally from Berlin. We talked about cultural differences, struggles with learning the two languages, and how both of us ended up so far from home, and then this student asked me what part of Germany I…

  • Hohes Venn Holzweg

    A Walking Guide to the High Fens Nature Reserve

    The High Fens are home to one of the most unique landscapes in Europe. When you think of the Eifel, what’s the first word that comes to mind? I’m guessing for most of you it’s something along the lines of nature, forests, or farmland. Raise your hand if you said, “bogs.” Nobody? I’m not surprised! Bogs and moors are typically not images most people associate with the Eifel. And that’s exactly why I was so intrigued when I learned about The High Fens Nature Reserve. The High Fens: A Brief Overview The High Fens Nature Reserve (which is also called Hohes Venn in German and Hautes Fagnes in French) is…

  • Winter Hike Mosel Loop in Bremm Germany

    Hiking in Snow is a Great Idea – NOT!

    Hiking Calmont (in Winter) A few weeks ago, my husband and I had a discussion about the topography of the Eifel.  Twice a week, I drive to a city over an hour away where I teach a couple of university courses.  I’ve noticed, especially the past couple of weeks when we had snow, that there are spots along my drive where the weather is much more severe.  So, we got into this topic of the Eifel’s topography and realized that along my route I drive over a pretty decent amount of elevation changes.  My husband, who is very research oriented, got way deeper into the geography of the area and…

  • Hiking

    Stausee Bitburg

    The Heart of the South Eifel When people think of tourism in Germany, their minds most likely shoot to one of three places: Bavaria, the Rhine River, or the Moselle region.  The Eifel usually doesn’t make the cut – even for temporary expats who live in it.  I remember my childhood years in the Spangdahlem area as a constant sea of travel to anywhere that wasn’t the Eifel.  Bavaria, the Black Forest, Amsterdam – these are the types of places we travelled to.  And what I’ve found is that, when I talk to my parents now about places within 30 minutes, 10 minutes, sometimes even down the street from where…