• Mini Beach Vacay at the Rursee
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    Mini Beach Vacay at the Rursee

    “When the weather is nice, Germany is awesome.” My husband heard this not too long ago while watching Silas Nacita on YouTube, and he quotes that statement all the time. Personally, I think even when the weather is crappy, Germany is still beautiful, but you can definitely do more on sunny days. We recently had an especially sunshine-y few days, and something about it just felt like beach weather. It made you want to lay on the sand and look out at sparkling water. Rheinland-Palatinate is not particularly close to any beaches, though. Ostend, Belgium is probably the closest, but that’s a 3.5 hour drive, and we just didn’t feel like…

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    Spending the Day in Ostend

    The coastal city of Ostend is known for more than just it’s sandy beaches.  It was also home to one of America’s most beloved musical icons. The Beach with the Most Soul  First Impressions Aren’t Always Correct We got there around lunchtime and wanted to head straight for the beach. But first, we had to stop at a bathroom. Man, do I wish I had taken pictures! First off, the men and women shared a bathroom. Weird. Just weird. So, my husband and I walked to the same door. There was a lady standing there directing the traffic flow in and out of the bathrooms. She only spoke Flemish, so we…